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Sept 2010

Still saving for the next GTR but, as always, there are 1001 things that money needs to go on first !

Thanks for all the comments and feedback on the site and best of luck if you are building an Ultima !  Enjoy !!

Jan 2010

Been a busy 12 months, but at last found the time to update the site and get some thumbnails on here !

Next Ultima still some way away I'm afraid ...  But you never know !

Nov 2008

Well X11GTR is now with its lucky new owner.  Real real shame to see it go after all the effort (and ) but that's life.  Still have my Ford Capri, so at least can don the leather jacket and head out "Professionals" style!.

Am creating a dedicated page for chat and photos from other Ultima builders from around the world.  Watch this space.

Sept 2008

A bit of a low note to begin with.  X11GTR is now up for sale !  A tricky decision, but with a recent divorce, new (self employed) job and mounting legal bills etc, it's the only way to keep the bank account in the black (or at least in the light rather than heavy red).

So the $ 6,000,000 question.  Will I ever get to own another ?  Jeez, I hope so.  In the short time I have had the car it has given me huge smiles and enormous pleasure.  Building another one is down the priority order at the moment - I gotta get somewhere to live.  But if business goes well and I have the choice of investing 50k in pensions, investments or another GTR ...  Well, watch this space.

On the car building front, a big GTR cheer to Matt, who is on his side pods and contemplating his engine choice.  725bhp LS7 or 800bhp supercharged ?  Decisions decisions ...  That will be one q-u-i-c-k- car, even by Ultima standards !  You can see Matt's pictures under the pictures section.

On the web front, well done to everyone for getting my site further up the rankings.  Over 40,000 hits in August, enough to warrant some extra band width and a site upgrade !  I'll use the new space to add some more features, so keep watching !



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