Ultima GTR - Hours 351 to 400
Final stages part four
We have ignition ... !



Sun 6th May 2007
Day 227 (87th build day) - Hours 5 (Total 355)

Close to engine startup now - just a few more jobs to do, mostly fluids and a spot of wiring.  

Firstly was the clutch fluid.  Sam helped pump the clutch whilst I bled the cylinder.  


Nipple tightened up and a test press shows that the clutch is firm.  Pulling the gear from neutral to first locked the wheels, but with the clutch down the car freewheeled.  Great, looks like the clutch is working fine.

Next was the same job on the brakes.  Four times harder as there are four ends to bleed.  This proved a little tricky - after three reservoirs of fluid the pedal was still soft.  Also, it's hard with the rear wheels on - we took them off after the first few tries but after two hours and a lot of fluid the pedal remains soft.  Oh well, will leave it to settle and return to this later.

Fri 11th May 2007
Day 232 (88th build day) - Hours 3 (Total 358)

The last few connections !  I checked earlier in the week with Dave about the accusump wiring - the blue/brown goes to connection 1 on the accusump connector and 2 goes to the oil sender.  Ultima provide some wire to make your own loom but you need to buy some male and female spade ended connectors.  

Ted also confirms that the electric choke connection isn't needed, I haven't got one of those !  

Before I put any petrol in, I thought it prudent to test the starter motor works.  Holding doen the button gives the steady sound of a big V8 turning gently over.  Great !  Oh well, no use messing around, let's add some petrol and get it fired.

The sounds of the fuel pump is slightly duller with petrol being pumped (rather than air) and, with no sign of leaks, I press the throttle wide open five times to prime the engine.  Then part throttle and press the button.  The engine roars into life - a great roaring V8 soundtrack that you feel deep in your bones.  Off the throttle and it dies just as quick.  Two more restarts, with a cautious look under the car on each occasion, and the air bubbles in the fuel pipes are drawn through - the engine idles nicely at 1200 rpm or so.  There is very little vibration inside but you know you have something massive behind you - nothing rattles, just a rich smooth mechanical drone.

That's it for today - time to open a beer or three.  But not before trev next door, the missus and the kids are treated to a demo.  It actually works !!  Not that I doubted myself !!  :o)

Sat 12th May 2007
Day 233 (89th build day) - Hours 3 (Total 361)

Another test day.  A quick call to Ted at Ultima confirmed that I have the pipe from the swirl pot connected to the top, rather than the bottom of the expansion tank, and a quick look at the engine bay confirms that both the lids from the swirl and expansion tanks were loose !  A lucky result - if they had gone into the belts ....

With the car pushed out of the garage, and the expansion pipe reconnected, I also connected up the speedo and rev counter.  these had caused problems before but now I have a signal I can test them.  With the 8000 rpm tacho set black/white to black/white (rather than red/blue) it all works !  Speedo registers 2 miles, the tacho flickers around as the revs rise.  Sweet.  I select first gear and try the clutch - the car moves slowly forward on the clutch without a jutter.  Fantastic !

Onto the 5 minute test - all previous start ups have been 1 minute at most so far.  The idea is to warm up the whole engine.  5 mins later the water temp is up and everything is working well.  Apart from a small fuel leak that I spot near the three way connector on the blukhead.  Engine immediately off, car cooling down and back in the garage.  I'll tighten them up tomorrow and re tighten the manifold bolts as per the manual.

Sun 13th May 2007
Day 234 (90th build day) - Hours 1 (Total 362)

Just a quick hour in the garage - retightened the bolts and checked for more leaks.  Noticed a small pool of oil near the accusump, which was still reading 80psi, and a few drops of coolant on the MSD (care of the H shaped connector - tightening the jubilee clips solved that one).  Will order a catch tank tomorrow (all the best GTRs seem to have them !) and then it's on to the rear section (plate lights and rear canopy warning kit) and we are nearly home and dry !

Sat 20th May 2007
Day 241 (91st build day) - Hours 3 (Total 365)

Various bits and bobs - will update soon when I have more photos on the PC ....

Mon 28th May 2007
Day 249 (92nd build day) - Hours 3 (Total 368)

A few finishing touches.  Managed to fit the passenger seat and fit all the seat belts.  Also put on the rear of the car and tightened up the gear linkage rose joints.  Also managed a quick video shoot, see link below  :o)

GTR video shoot 1

Where do you get a free vob to mpeg converter / splitter ?!

Sun 3rd June 2007 to Sun 10th June 2007
Days 255 to 262 (93rd to 96th build days, I didn't work them all) - Hours 20 (Total 388)

Sorry, first update since returning from two weeks hol.  Am typing from my scribbled notes but after several bottles of Cidre and too much Roquefort it's a little hazy.  Anyway ...

Attached the catch tank and hoses.  Pretty straightforward.  Cable tie the two outbound pipes and let them head towards the floor of the car.  I guess they just alow the tank to breath and, if the whole engine is flooded with oil, it also acts as a safety valve.

So this is the final engine bay shot !

Also checked the rear light connections and fitted the rear grill.  

The grill is a bit of a pig to get right.  First get the exhausts lined up perfectly, not quite as easy as you think.  The brackets give some scope for movement but always move a little when tightened.

Next, cut a circle around each exhaust on the grill leaving a 10mm gap to fold back the grill around the steel rings provided.

Finally, fit the thing using sikaflex.  Not easy, as there is little to bond against !  In the end I used my finger and smeared a little at strategic points, then tied with garden wire and leave to set.

Numerous other small finishing touches brought the weekly total to around 20 hours.  here is the car ready to go to Ultima for the SVA.


As at 8th July, the SVA is scheduled for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed !!

9th July 2007

4pm or so - received a call from Richard at Ultima.  The car has passed the SVA !  Fantastic !!!!!

There are still a few finishing touches to do, like put on the number plates and get the car taxed, but we are looking like 20th July as the date to pick up my finished car !  More details to follow !!   :o)

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