Ultima GTR - Hours 201 to 250
Final stages (except engine bay)
Cockpit, Dials, Sidepods, Aircon, Grills, Lights, Camera, Action ...



Sat 3rd February 2007
Day 135 (54th build day) - Hours 5 (Total 206)

Side pods fitted today (final fit, they are on for good !).  Just lots of riveting and a good couple of hours of jiggery pokery getting them to clear the left hand petrol tank (which, in the end, was re-rivetted some 3mm further down the car - it doesn't sound much but it wasn't going to fit otherwise).  Remember to use a cardboard buffer on your drill in case you get too heavy handed and slap into the GRP !

Finished off by putting the wheels back on (again, for good).  The fronts are very tight as the shocks are stretched down - they will (I hope) reset when they take the weight of the car.

Well knackered !  Off for a Stella or six.  And how DO you get silkaflex off your hands !!  Aaarrrggghhhh !!!


Sun 4th February 2007
Day 136 (55th build day) - Hours 3 (Total 209)

A two man job day.  Well a couple of hours anyway.

First job was to check how the air conditioning condensor fits.  It is extremely tight in there, fitting between the grill / foam and the right hand side petrol tank.  Despite Andy's thoughts at the last Ultima visit, I am going to put the grill on first.  It looks impossible otherwise !  Out comes the pea-canes, gaffer taper and green garden ties.  Then more silkaflex, mostly on my hands and some on the car, whilst I secured it.  It is a lot easier with the edges bent over, otherwise the silkaflex has nothing to grip on.


Last job of the weekend was to see the exhaust pieces.  Awesome !  Three inch tail pipes and all in beautifully polished stainless steel.  They bolt on with the 3/8 inch stainless stell bolts supplied and don't forget the gaskets.



Tues 6th February 2007
Day 138 (56th build day) - Hours 4 (Total 213)

Carpet time.  The carpets that Ultima supply are very good quality and don't fray at the edges when cut.  Although I was dreading the job, it actually turned out to be easier than I expected.  I managed to borrow a good pair of carpet scissors (from Phil Henry carpets) and the carpet section breaks down into five separate sections :

a)  The floor pans, including up the edges at the back and the outer sides (x2)
b)  The front section, excluding the pedal area
c)  The pedal area, and hardest of all ..
d) .. the handbrake / middle section

Only advice is to take your time.  There are one or two small triangle areas let over and these can be dealt with as and when.


Make a template for the pedal section ....

The centre section will fit in one piece, but you need to be careful around the handbrake flanges / welds.


The impact glue works very well, just remember to let it go tacky before you press.

Wed 7th February 2007
Day 139 (57th build day) - Hours 2 (Total 216)

Finished the carpet sections and the extra "fiddly bits".  Also put the passenger foot brace back in - with hindsight this should have gone uner the carpet rather than on top of it but I can always put a strip of carpet over the front flange - this will protect people's heels from scratching the brace (or main carpet).

Photos to follow ..  too late tonight and work early tomorrow .....

Sat 10th February 2007
Day 142 (58th build day) - Hours 6 (Total 222)

An early start and on to the air con radiator.  The Ultima instructions again give you just enough - but you need your wits about you to fit this baby.

The radiator (or condensor to use its proper name) fits in above the right hand petrol tank but is only secured by one (yes one) rivet on the top left (through the top of the side pod GRP).  How does it not rattle then ?  Well. it sits on a flange that sits on the lower part of the tank and runs down the side.  Foam on the side of the flange (to the side pod wall) keeps it from flapping left to right, and the rivet / fuel tank keeps it from going up and down.

Remember to fit the green 'o' rings on the air con hoses - don't be tempted to use PTFE as this will not stop gas.


Sun 11th February 2007
Day 143 (59th build day) - Hours 6 (Total 228)

Another early start and another awkward radiator !  This time it is the oil cooler.

I must have taken the nuts and bolts off the frame five times before I realised that ALL the bolts point inwards.  This includes the frame bolts (x 16) and the support bar AND the side pod fixing bolts.  Where necessary, screw with an allan key and hold the nyloc with a spanner from the inside. It really is a two man job - the final shot here (when fitted) belies the fact that you need three hands to hold the thing in place when determining where the drill holes go !  But it's a n-i-c-e finish !!

Finished off by fixing the gear change rod and engine bay holding bracket (number 1) - a simple job using a M6 tap to make four threads in the chassis frame.  Remember the WD40 and the waxoyl folks !!

Mon 12th February 2007
Day 144 (60th build day) - Hours 2 (Total 230)

There are still loads of jobs to tackle in pretty much any order.  Tonight I managed to get the seat and belt bolts through the carpet (floor holes drilled a whole back) and the drivers seat in place !  Sweet !  Well impressed with the driving position, which is low but cofortable with the pedals straight ahead - no twisting of the body which can be SO uncomfortable.

Tues 13th February 2007
Day 145 (61st build day) - Hours 3 (Total 233)

Just a couple more jobs before I can put the cockpit section on and, in theory, get rid of the dolly - the GTR will be on its own four wheels at last !

First job is to fit the "splash covers" at the end of the cills.  These are pre formed but need a lot of trimming to get around the cooling pipe, clutch pipe, chassis rails etc etc.  Andy mentioned that it is worth getting these water tight and I can see why - the front wheel will throw water staright at it (and down the cills) unless it is sealed well.

After some trial and error (and a template for the front part) it fits - and was duly silkaflexed and rivetted in - look at the lining up of the rivets with the main cill section - what a pro, eh ?!  :o)


Just the other one to do next - a job for tomorrow !

Wed 14th February 2007
Day 146 (62nd build day) - Hours 3 (Total 236)

Fitted the other splash shield and silkaflexed the gap between the cill and the cover.  Before, after a quick call to Ultima, I also had to remove both and refit them with a fraction more shaved off - you need to ensure that the top of the cover is level with the top of the chassis rail otherwise the body section won't fit !

Also routed the air con overflow pipes through the bottom of the covers and silkaflexed in place (see pic).  Overall, a tricky little job those covers, and I still need to cover the holes made by the cooling pipes / rails / clutch and brake cables.  A job for later ... :o)

Thu 15th February 2007
Day 147 (62nd build day) - Hours 4 (Total 240)

Light time !  The rears take a little fiddling to fit snugly - I needed to sand out the holes a few mm - otherwise you will find that the screw bolts will not protrude through the internal covers enough for you to fit the bolts.  But this done, they fitted perfectly.  Remember to also sand the scres holes vertically as needed to the line on the lights all line up straight.


The fronts similarly need some sanding - in particular the indicator holes which Ultima admitted have been modified (to clear lenses, which are 10 mm wider).  care not to go too far as the margins are small here.

Fitting the brass plates on the indicators is best done by ignoring the manual diagram - I think this relates to the old size.  Just "suck it and see", rivet them where they fit.  You also need a press drill to get the holes in the brass plate - it is tough and the holes are close to the edge of the centre hole.


Fri 16th February 2007
Day 148 (63rd build day) - Hours 4 (Total 244)

Grills.  There are quite a few to do on the front and these have got to be straight and true if the final look of the car is to work flawlessly.  Some are riveted, some need trimming, some need bending, all need silkeflex.

The main stainless steel grill is trickly to fit at the top - I fabricated a couple of small ally brace pieces so as to get a firm hold with the silkaflex.  It may see a few "meteors" (stones) and I don't want it to go anywhere ...


I also fitted the rear canopy centre grill.  Just the exhaust grill to do - this is done after the exhaust is in !

Sat 17th February 2007
Day 149 (64th build day) - Hours 6 (Total 250)

With the fuel tanks in it was time to fit the fuel pumps (x2) and the pipes.  The brakets need riveting and the pumps rest on three rubbers - note that Ultima supply a mini loom so throw away the ones in the packs.  


Note also that the in and out pipes in the photo are the ones supplied - you need to replace these with the fittings in the fuel pipes !

The fuel pipes are cut with a hacksaw but wrap them in tape first to keep the metal edges in.  Hold the end in a vice and turn clockwise until the pipe is down as far as possible.  There are 14 to do, so you'll have sore hands at the end of it !


Well there is the 250 hour mark.  I think 350 should cover the whole car so I'm still roughly on track  :o)

On to Hours 251 - 300 !!

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