Snagging list, tricky bits and "hero list".

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I thoroughly enoyed building x11gtr.  As someone with no previous experience, I was slightly daunted by the build but there were four reasons I succeeded.  

Firstly, the build manual supplied is excellent.  It's not totally foolproof though; v3 did not contain a link to the main wiring diagrams for example, and more pictures would have helped.  But as manuals go, it's 99% there.  The remaining 1% keeps you on your toes during the build.

Secondly, the support of the factory.  The three mechanics (Andy, Dave and Geoff) know this car inside out.  They also have the patience of saints, deciphering my jibberish (for example, "I have a spare lump of shiny metal with a connector on the end") into meaningful instruction (in this example. "that's the temperature sender unit that screws into the rad - it sounds like you have the oil sender unit in the wrong place").

The factory also handled my snagging list          (click here for snaggling list)         and got the car through the SVA test.

Thirdly, my wife and two lads for their support, patience, occasional spanner twiddling (small kids are great for those tight areas !) and for putting up with my automotive highs and lows.

Lastly, the dozens of people below who gave their time, effort and helping hands, sometimes later at night and always with no warning !  

They are listed in the "heroes listing" page          (click here for heroes list)           My thanks to you all !!

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