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Getting the car 98% finished is one thing but it can only pass the SVA if it is 100% right.   By June 2007, with the car on its wheels, there were still a few niggles that I hadn't manage to sort.  Most of these are things that the experts at Ultima can solve quickly so I took advantage of their offer to look over the car prior to the forthcoming SVA.

Given my time again, I am sure that I could approach the build in such a way as to avoid these problems.  If you are building an Ultima, perhaps you can learn from my errors to cut down your own potential snaggling list.

X11 GTR - My snagging list

Footbrakes.  Try as I might, I could not get rid of a small air bubble in the brakes.

Drive shafts.  Needed torquing to recommended spec - I don't have the right size hex bolt so they are only allen key tight.

Indicators.  These do not work, but do work on hazards.  They blows a fuse (second in line from ignition wiring end) when the ignition is switched on.  One for Dave at Ultima, the electrics expert.  Likely to be an earthed connection somewhere else in the loom.

Air con.  Needs filling and testing.

Gear linkage.  Please check operation, the second gear rod is very close to sump 9always the way for centre change GTRs).  I can get forward gears (clutch works fine) but I am not sure which gear I am in.  I haven’t found reverse yet …

Suspension.  Please check / adjust ride height.

Steering.  There is a small amount of play in the steering (front and back, not side to side).  Dave says to fit the "castors" but I have no idea what they are !

Oil leak.  A couple of the connections are not tight enough but I could not reach them once the car was off the dolly.  I suspect it is from the accusump connection.

Dipstick.  I twisted around the dipstick “tube” so the dipstick exits through the exhaust manifold (insufficient room next to the cylinder head covers).  But the dipstick now catches on the inside of the tube.  Removing it recently I noticed it was squashed in the middle.  Please can you supply a new dipstick and also change the oil in case any metal particles have broken off the dipstick (I doubt it, but just to be on the safe side).

Headlights.  Check alignment.

Rear canopy warnings.  I haven’t checked these as the rear canopy will not click on the locks.  The lights work (flashing on dash and going out when buttons pressed) [stop press, I had the warning clamps on the wrong way around - there was no photo in the manual !].

X11 GTR - Ultima's additional snagging list !!

Wiring.  Cannot use cable ties anywhere, so several sections near MSD had to be P-clipped.

Adaptor plate.  Not flush with engine.  Turns out my block is non-standard (given high BHP etc) so adaptor plate needed refabricating slightly.  The gearbox came off to do this !! (I feel a pain in my wallet ...).  

Spigot bearing on crankshaft centre.  Was pushed in by gearbox shaft - was a good job the box came off or this wouldn't have been spotted.  I remember it was too large by a few thou so carefully sanded off the excess.  In the end, the fit was not tight enough, causing the slip.  Watch out for this, fellow builders !!

Probably a hundred small items that the mechanics just sort and don't even mention.  They only show up on the final bill !!

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