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Around 3,500 parts make up an Ultima GTR.  About two-thirds of these parts are rivets, nuts or washers, but there are still over 1,000 unique elements to the kit.

Ultima allow you flexibility in the parts that you order.
Obviously there are some items you must buy, namely the chassis and the body panels, but what you buy and when is up to you.  

I bought all my parts from Ultima, including the gearbox, but no doubt the skilled builder could save many by sourcing alternative items.  Buying from Ultima does give you confidence though, the items are all top quality and they all fit to perfection !


Ultima will help you with specification but you may want to include the following items, all of which are "essential" according to the majority of owners.  These make an Ultima special and deserve a special mention.

Brakes.  There are currently two options.  A standard set of brakes from a Ford Granada (I think, enough said) and the ones that you should fit, designed by AP Racing specially for the Ultima.

The AP brakes are massive : 320mm x 30mm curved vaned, cross drilled discs and specially designed 4-pot alloy calipers (incorporating a smaller leading piston diameter than the rear to reduce taper pad wear).

The handbrake calipers (yes, there are TWO of them) are also designed by AP Racing.  The whole set up is designed to stop the car very quickly indeed.  The discs fill the 18 inch wheels nicely and the who set up looks menicingly powerful !

Accusump.  Another must have, the accusump ensures you always have good oil pressure, which is everything for an Amerspeed SBC engine.  It's the blue cylinder (with guage) at the bottom left of the picture.

Powered by a solenoid, it maintains several litres of oil at 80psi which and shot into the engine when the oil pressure at the rear statrs to fall, say under heavy braking or start up.  

It's another example of racing technology on a rather special road car.

Full specification (for engine, click here)

Rather than list all the parts, click on the link below to load up an Excel Spreadsheet that lists all the available parts and shows which ones I chose.  If you are building an Ultima yourself, you might find this useful.  

Costs and Specification Spreadsheet

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