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I've tried to list below all the folks who have lent a hand.   I salute you all !!

Sam and Ben.  For helping daddy build his car and being as enthusiastic about it as me !  For helping identify the colours on the loom (damn that colour blindness !) and helping with the fiddly bits and the small nuts and bolts !  And for passing me countless tools and the odd can  :o)

Trevor (a.k.a. chief design consultant).  Thanks for loan of countless tools, for sorting out the dolly and winch for me and for making sure I didn't "F" up big style with the big boys tools.  I now know what a tap is, what a bastard file is and what a ruler isn't !  

Paul (a.k.a. fabricator to the stars).  For getting the GTR off the ground (literally) - that dolly is a work of art !

Dave (Salopian).  For the BIG winch.  That's one sweet installation.  We know where to duck and cover if the bomb comes ...

Ben, Jay and Marc (the "cooking lager" gang).  For flipping the GTR "pancake" more times than I care to remember.  Yes, it did get heavier each time !  Thanks guys !!

Rob and Dave (at the farm).  For helping with lifting jobs too tough for my office-boy hands and for helping build the garage back in 2005 !

Steve (Autoglass).  For helping with that big big windscreen, couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks also to :

The Ultima team.  Andy (a.k.a. the "Ice Man"), for the hundreds of phone call queries and for packing all the boxes so professionally (you could moonlight at M&S doing the xmas gift-wrapping !).  Dave (a.k.a. "Mr Loom"), for talking me through all the wiring and not laughing when I can't tell red from green, and also for the pre SVA checks which were rather more in number than expected !  Geoff for his helpful hints and tours or various part built factory Ultimas.  Graham, for transporting the car to and from Ultima three times and for narrowly avoiding writing the thing off (that nut in the Punto was soooo close !).  And lastly to Richard (a.k.a. "Mr 0-100") and the main man himself, Ted (a.k.a. "Mr test drive"!) for designing and supplying a superb kit and taking a genuine interest in those who build them.

Everyone at the Pistonheads forums who have helped answer questions when the factory was closed.

Finally to CJ ("Stig").  Chris, your site proved a very useful back up to Ultima's manual and without it the build would have been considerably less easy.  Thanks especially for the fuel tank diagrams, I would never had got those in otherwise  !!

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