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I will spend more time on the cockpit during August 2007 (post SVA) but, for now, here is a quick run down of X11 GTR's cockpit.


Unusually, my car has a standard centre gearchange - most people opt for the right hand shift which is easier to fit as the gear rods run down the side rather than close to the engine.  I found that the centre change makes for a more comfortable drive, so took the trickier option.

The "cheese grater" on the passenger side is there to brace against.  Although the seat belts hold you tight, it makes braking easier on the passenger.

The dials are all Ultima, including the uprated speedo and tacho (240mph and 8000 rpm !) fixed at the top.  The four lower dials are oil pressure, petrol, bettery and water temp.


As well as the standard dials, there are three black press buttons for the horn, full beam and to start the engine.  The silver flick switches are for indicators and for switching between the two petrol tanks.  As well as the five multi-coloured warning switches, there are also two LCDs which warn that the rear canopy is not clicked shut.  The dash is covered in Alcantara to match the seats.

The inside of the car is carpetted on the floorpan (hiding some of the beautiful riveting but the floor is bound to get scratched and carpeting gives it a cozier feel !).  The side sections are bare aluminium, hinting at the race car build.

The Alcantara seats are Ultima designed, are adjustable and have pneumatic lumbar supports.  Each has a six point belt harness.

The side pods (shown here still covered in protective masking tape !) have carbon fibre lids (expensive yes, but worth the extra ).

More pictures to follow shortly !

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