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In my opinion, the GTR is the best looking car on the road (well I would say that wouldn't I, I've built one !!).

The car is just 42 inches high, marginally more than a GT40 and it's wide stance gives it a purposeful look.  It looks long but in fact is no longer than a Vauxhall Vectra, the length accentuated by the smooth flowing lines over the centre to the rear.  The rear curves at the back finish slightly higher over the rear wheel, hinting at the size of those steamroller tyres.

The car breaks down into the folllowing sections, listed in the order that you fit them

Side pod sections
Centre section (see right)
Front Canopy
Rear Canopy


The panels come finished in Gelcoat, which has a very high quality finish, so much so that you do not need to paint the outside of the panels.  But you do need to spray the inside of the panels with a black protective coating of "tough black" - this also brings out the colour of the gelcoat.  The tough black is also used on the fuel tanks.

When spraying the panels its best to simply spray away and not to bother with masking - it's difficult to mask all the curves and any overspray comes off with some turpentine or equivalent, it's a lot easier !  NB The middle part of the rear canopy (left) is left bare for the heat shield to bond to.

For the record, the panels are made of GRP ("glass reinforced plastic") with Isophthalic high heat distortion resin.  They are strong, slightly flexible and virtually stone-chip proof.


The door shown above is after the fitting of the perspex "glass" - see build site section for more details.

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